Where does the time go?

After spending the last few minutes watching the Fro, I thought I'd take a moment and look over my site and see just how fresh it is.  

I see now that a freshening up of shots might be in order, but be that as it may, one thing that has fallen behind is the blog.  My last one was a recap of a difficult summer and the shots I took throughout that time.

Since I've been home, I have explored the world of Portrait photography.  For now, I won't be including any shots but just a few words to tell of the experience.

After much reading, research and time spent on Youtube (you really can learn most anything online now), I invited a couple of models to join me in my home for my first real experience of shooting portraits under controlled lighting.

Using strobes with a soft box and umbrella along with a speedlight and umbrella, I spent about 90 minutes taking turns with them in different lighting to get something worthwhile.  I'm happy to say that time spent in research was well rewarded thanks to my models' ability to do not only what I asked, but also what came natural to them.  They had no qualms about trying something new, something out of the ordinary and really, spend a lot of time in bright lights!

The time will come in the not-too-distant future where I do share those shots once I have a few more people come and help me out.  In the meantime, the camera lies waiting for another opportunity - perhaps for a crisp, clear night sky.

Until then...