Spooky Path

I love how spooky this section of path feels as you mike back down towards the lake.  Whether by nature or by design, the perfect lineup of trees on each side make for an excellent path through the forest.  This shot is very near and dear to my heart.


Going Home

This beautiful mama heads back to shore to spend time with her nest.

Nesting Loon

This nesting loon at Island Lake in 2016 was completely at ease with me in my kayak nearby with a long lens.  

It took no time for her to appear quite comfortable with my presence; in fact, on the second day, she became so relaxed that she would leave her nest for short swims.  The male was nowhere to be found until after their baby hatched.


Protective Mother

This newly hatched loon chick swims under the constant care of her mother.  This chick is only 2 days old but is still fully able to stay close.  It's at this point where both mother and her mate did not want me anywhere near them and that's just fine.  I have a ridiculously long lens to let them have their space.

Island Lake Infrared #1

I took up Infrared photography this year - Basically it's a spectrum of light that your eye cannot see.  With a special modification done to your camera, it will see light in an entirely different way which is especially breathtaking in the spring and summer on leafy trees.  

Before and after leaves appear on trees, there is a very post-apocalyptic look that I love.


Island Lake Infrared #2

Looking south from Bridge #3 is a particularly fantastic view through my Infrared camera.  Shooting with this camera on a fully cloudy day or a blue-sky cloudy day just doesn't compare to when there are scattered clouds passing by.