I have decided that to improve my ability to shoot people, the 100 Stranger Challenge would be just the thing.  

The short story is that the photographer must obtain permission from 100 random strangers to shoot their portrait.  Seems easy enough right?  Well, there's a trick.  Some don't want to be photographed, runners and cyclists want to get their workout in and some just don't understand what you want to do and think it's creepy.  C'est la vie.  

It should be interesting to see how long this takes to complete.


Models #1 & 2

As my first two to agree to participate in my 100 Strangers Challenge, these two were backlit nicely by the setting sun.  What's the first thing I've learned? No sunglasses as you can clearly see me in his.


Model #3

Update: I adjusted my methodology for this project by reaching out to a local Facebook group in my town to seek out interested people who would like to participate.  I am overwhelmed by the number of folks who are willing to help!  It is a lot better than walking up to strangers randomly out of the blue!

I can see now that it will take a bit of time to get everyone's shots online.  With the weather as nice as it is, I'd much prefer to do touchups after the sun goes down, so I hope everyone is patient :)

Model #4

Model #5

Model #6 - Nicole

Model #7 - Mark

Model #8 - Boris

Everyone has been a great help - Boris reached out from home while I was shooting and asked if I had enough models.  When I replied that I still needed more, he dropped what he was doing to come find me.  Very thoughtful.

Model #9 - Stephanie

Model #10

Model #11 - Eli

Model #12

Model #13

Model #14

Model #15

Models #16 & 17