New Website and the Future

Sorry folks, no photos this time, but welcome to the new website!

The goal of this site is a) to move away from my other webspace b) make that place more personal and c) ultimately turn this one into a business.  

I've been asked many times what equipment I use and often I deflect the question a bit for a number of reasons.  I`m currently using two different setups, but of course, one more than the other.

  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Canon T2i
  • Numerous EF and EFS lenses covering the entire range including macro and fisheye
  • Manfroto Tripod and ball head

Indoors I use twin Bowen 400W strobes.

All of the above are going to help me take a giant leap into a new aspect of photography for me - macro and product.  

I am always excited to hear suggestions (and tips) about what you like because there are plenty of times where I hit a block.  Ideas of what you like will probably resonate with me and provide a spark for something I will probably enjoy as well.  Feel free to use the Comment option below and tell me what you like or would like on your wall.